Joey Graceffa vs Nate Clark

Naming and Shaming: its not a concept that was invented by or through the internet, but it would appear digital media has provided the means for the practice of naming and shaming to flourish. I’m going to start my exploration into the digital culture of naming and shaming with a brief look at a rather uncontroversial and truthfully not very damaging example of naming and shaming.


Joey is a YouTuber, and a successful one at that, with over 2.4 million subscribers. In October this year his car was towed something which he talks about in two of his video posts. You’d be forgiven for thinking that in his annoyance Joey is the namer/shamer but he’s not, as you see in this video of his “little rant” there is absolutely no identification of  the tower and after 1:35 he moves on to other topics.

Four days later Nate Clark  posted a video reply, straight away this situation is different from what we would typically think of as a name and shame, instead of it being a play of offense its one of defense…

With his humorous demeanor, and damning photographic evidence Nate’s video went viral (it has currently been viewed over 3 million times). This in itself is an example of the impact that using forms of digital media has when publicly stating someone has behaved badly. Thanks to the video ‘trending’ it showed up as recommended to many YouTube users who would have otherwise never known who either man was, including myself. Not only does digital media assist Nate in getting his side of the story out to the masses, but it was the social media giant, Facebook, that enabled him to find out who Joey was (something that could have also been easily done through a search engine such as google.)

Earlier I stated that this would be an uncontroversial and not very damaging case. I say uncontroversial because from the photo Nate provides there is no doubt that Joey was in the wrong. And I say not very damaging because although Joey’s reputation has taken a bit of a hit, his YouTube popularity is largely unaffected and he hasn’t been persecuted- people have their opinions but there isn’t what we would consider verbal attacks within any of the commenting.


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